leishmanin test

leish·man·in test

a delayed hypersensitivity test for cutaneous leishmaniasis; a positive test when granulomatous induration exceeds 5 minutes after 2-3 days at the intradermal injection site of a suspension of leishmanias in phenol.
Synonym(s): Montenegro test
[leishmania + suffix -in, component, derivative]
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The leishmanin test: Montenegro's antigen contains a lysate of promastigotes of L.
Because a leishmanin test could remain positive after many years of contact with endemic areas, the selection of young people helps to reduce that bias, due to decreased exposure time.
(4) The finding that not all patients with a positive serologic test have positive DNA tests should not necessarily be interpreted as a lack of specificity, but as a demonstration of the rapid circulation of the parasite into the bloodstream, which could explain the association of a positive leishmanin test with asymptomatic infection.
The estimated prevalence (33.3%, 95% CI 29.9-36.8%) in the Fercal region was based on the results of the leishmanin test. This prevalence is in line with previous surveys in areas of recent introduction of the disease in Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte where positivity rates of 32% and 38%, respectively, were found.
Furthermore, >50% of samples with positive leishmanin test belonged to the individuals younger than 30 are of the most active group of the population due to their occupation, education, and activity.