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Emmo, German physician, 1859-1922. See: Legal test.
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Vox populi Licit, lawful, allowed by law
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Q. My only daughter has ADHD,How do I know if they are doing ALL that they legally should be doing: testing? My only daughter has ADHD, visual processing disorder and has been categorized as a 504 designee. Her activeness has gone. I feel depressed when I see her sad face. So we consulted with a doctor who just referred to evals for special services too. How do I know if they are doing ALL that they legally should be doing: testing and therapy? Thanks

A. look, it's one of the most hardest things a man can go through... watching your son\daughter sick. you are helpless, they are helpless and you can't do nothing. very disturbing. and suddenly you realize that you are no longer in control of your child's life, but the doctors are.
try to relax, your daughter is in the best's of care i'm sure. so you wouldn't worry that they miss out tests or something.

Q. ex-wife works in hospital and accesses my and my familys medical records what can i/we do about this legally this is done without any consent she has computer acess to any records and accesses them upon her own

A. If you are sure of this she is breaking the law...Hippa protects patient right and this is a clear voliation of those right. I suggest you get a copy of the hospitals Right to Privacy , HIPPA paperwork. Then If you can prove this write a letter to hospital admenistration and one to her supervisor and/or director. Let them know you know this is a violation of patient rights and you want it dealt with immediatly or you will seek out legal council. They should responded to your letter in avery timely matter. If you do not have proof discuss with someone in medical record about the "need to know" bases and if ther eis no reason for her to know this information( she could be one tha thas to put it on your records) you would like to be assured she has no access to them and if she is doing a job that would give her the right ask that they please have someone else in the department handle you and your family dure to personal reasons. I encourage you to handle this in a very proffesi

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The local kick off of the Legalize and Protect campaign coincided with those in other member-states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), such as Thailand and Indonesia.
Canadian marijuana companies like Canopy Growth Corp , Aphria Inc, Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF and Aurora Cannabis Inc have been at the center of investor frenzy surrounding attempts to legalize marijuana for recreational use nationwide.
jurisdiction below the Mason-Dixon line to legalize same-sex marriage.
Ambassador Muhammad Naeem Khan informed that there are 1.5 million Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia out of which 54,000 were deported after they failed to legalize their status in Saudi Arabia till November 3.
The Israeli government informed the Supreme Court of its intention to "legalize" four settlement outposts that were supposed to be demolished in 2003, said the Israeli anti-settlement organization Peace Now.
Customs Director Vanco Kargov says that when the deadliness passes, owners of cars will not be able to legalize their cars.
Legalize gay marriage, followed by multi-partner marriage, and pretty soon the whole idea of marriage will be meaningless.
In March, Howard Woolridge set out on horseback from Los Angeles to New York City wearing a T-shirt blaring the capitalized declaration: "COPS SAY LEGALIZE POT, ASK ME WHY." The former Michigan police officer, who plans to reach New York in November, is a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), a group that wants to change our country's drug laws.
By 1978 New Jersey--the third state to sponsor a lottery--became the second state to legalize casino gambling.
In New Jersey, where a lawsuit to legalize gay marriage is pending, polls found 31 percent of Latinos opposed gay marriage compared to 53 percent of blacks and 55 percent of Asians.
Some say we should legalize drugs because the current drug laws are poorly enforced.
The Senate unanimously approved a bill recently to legalize nearly 2 million illegally imported vehicles from the United States, giving a get-out-of-jail-free card to all owners of model 1970 to 1993 chocolates.