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10 YEARS AGO BLUEBIRDS chairman Peter Ridsdale came out fighting this morning as the club faced up to a PS30m legal crisis.
According to him, the Court and the Special Public Prosecution are obliged to solve this legal crisis, but also solve all the cases with crime and corruption presented in the eavesdropping affair.
serious election manipulation were some of the reasons that led to a serious political and legal crisis," says Constitutional Law Professor Osman Kadriu.
Saadi Ahmed Bira, member of the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan said in a press statement that "the Kurdistan region is going through a political and legal crisis at the moment", adding that "the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan does not mediate between the Democratic Party and the Tagheir Movement.
The Fire Next Door: From Legal Crisis to Moral Crisis
Josh Galper, a former Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe partner who co-led the firm's legal crisis management practice, the first of its kind at a major law firm, and is now the general counsel of a tech start-up, adds, "The crisis team needs to be multi-disciplinary and proactive, both in planning for a crisis and responding to one, and it needs to have the authority to make decisions on a dime.
AtHoc may be in the business of providing crisis solutions software to its customers, but when it comes to a legal crisis within its own business, AtHoc will now be turning to Matthew Gloss.
But Washington distancing itself from Turkey's current political and legal crisis has not prevented the eruption of a crisis between the two countries.
In addition to helping President Clinton navigate his way through high-profile crises, Davis has served as legal crisis manager for many other public figures and organizations, including Martha Stewart, Whole Foods, Trent Lott and US Representative Charlie Rangel.
The state will have to decide whether it prefers a political crisis with the settlers, or a legal crisis, at the end of which Israel will completely divorce itself from being a democratic state.
However, the decision has made a legal crisis in power corridors as experts doubt over the
We want him to resign to avoid going through a legal crisis.