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The wires have been attached and secured to the headset and to the leg band.
From July 1980 to July 1990, leg bands were put on 4556 adults, subadults, and goslings from the lesser snow goose (Chen caerulescens caerulescens) colony (1000 nesting birds) on Howe Island, near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.
He and Nicolai agree it's difficult to pick out leg bands, but Johnson has heard of hunters allowing ducks and geese to land, studying them with binoculars and then shooting just the banded birds.
Safe in the bag, a grouse is surprisingly docile, allowing us to outfit it with a uniquely numbered leg band and necklace-style radio-transmitter.
Wednesday was the coming out party for the 4-week-plus-old eaglet who was removed from its nest and fitted with two metal leg bands that give it unique identifiers that will help track it the rest of its life.
After some coaxing, Riley retrieved the bird and delivered it to the eldest Turner, who was "shocked" to see a shiny leg band.
I thought that perhaps it was young birds that didn't know any better but on one of my collection shoots I harvested a mallard that had a leg band that was put on the bird in Texas.
Approaching the upturned bird, he could see the silver leg band.
Faoro returned the expensive transmitter to Ontario MNR to be refurbished and reused, but he did get to keep the leg band and received a Hudson Bay Waterfowl Program hat for his troubles.
Carrocci was elated to find his goose sported a leg band and a neck collar.
As she was bringing the bird back, a leg flipped up and I saw something shiny: a leg band.
The music, which clearly had Eastern strains, should have been seriously taken into consideration for the costume design, which was a mix of loin cloths and animal hair coats, bark colored arm and leg bands and headdresses of unidentifiable origin.