left testicular vein

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left tes·tic·u·lar vein

vein conveying blood from the left testis, originating as the pampiniform plexus and entering the left renal vein.
Synonym(s): vena testicularis sinistra [TA]
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Tokunaga et al., "Embryological consideration of drainage of the left testicular vein into the ipsilateral renal vein: analysis of cases of a double inferior vena cava," International Journal of Andrology, vol.
The first theory is the anatomical differences between the left and right testicular veins; specifically that the right vein inserts into the inferior vena cava directly, while the left testicular vein inserts into the left renal vein.
The most important factors that can cause such a hydrostatic pressure increase is the compression of the left renal vein between the superior mesenteric artery and the aorta (nutcracker phenomenon), inadequate gonadal vein valves, and direct opening of the left testicular vein to the left renal vein.