left suprarenal vein

left su·pra·re·nal vein

the vein from the hilum of the left suprarenal gland that passes downward to open into the left renal vein; it usually is joined by the left inferior phrenic vein.
Synonym(s): vena suprarenalis sinistra [TA]
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The left IVC, the medial part of the left renal vein, the proximal part of the left suprarenal vein, the left common and external iliac vein, and also the left common femoral vein were found to be clotted (Fig.
Forceps separating the portal vein (PV) and body of pancreas (P) for demonstration of the superior mesenteric artery (4), dorsal pancreatic artery (6), left renal vein (7), and left suprarenal vein (8).
On the left side, we identified the left renal vein, dissected it and accessed the left suprarenal vein that we ligated.
Right gonadal and right suprarenal vein terminated in right IVC while left gonadal and left suprarenal vein terminated in the left renal vein.
Prerenal and Postrenal part of Left Subcardinal vein persists as Left suprarenal vein and left gonadal vein, hence terminating in left renal vein.
Venous drainage of the adrenal glands was achieved via the suprarenal veins: the right suprarenal vein drained into the inferior vena cava, the left suprarenal vein drained into the left renal vein flowed through the dorsal of the adrenal (Fig.
The left suprarenal vein contained a thrombus (Fig.
A midline xifopubian incision was performed, and a left suprarenal vein thrombectomy (Fig.
The trunk of the left renal vein was single over the initial 4 cm from the hilum and received, as normal, however dilated, the left suprarenal vein on its superior margin.
The normal anastomosis of the left suprarenal vein with the pre-aortic trunk seen in this case conforms to what seems to be the rule in the literature (Bergman et al.; Testut & Latarjet), while in the second anastomosis of the afluent vein communicating the inferior mesenteric vein with the retro-aortic trunk presented here, still has not been seen described.