left superior pulmonary vein

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left su·pe·ri·or pul·mo·nar·y vein

the vein returning oxygenated blood from the left superior lobe of the lung to the left atrium; tributaries include the apicoposterior, anterior, and lingular veins (branches) from the superior lobe.
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Green arrows indicating filling and perfusion defect of the left superior pulmonary vein suggesting an ostial stenosis.
On review of the previous CTA it was apparent that the patient had an aberrant left superior pulmonary vein draining into the left innominate vein (Figure 2).
Caption: Figure 1: Inspiratory chest X-ray showing left internal jugular central catheter in aberrant left superior pulmonary vein (arrows).
AF = atrial fibrillation LA = left atrium, left atria or left atrial PV-LA = pulmonary vein-left atrium PV = pulmonary vein IV = intravenous injection SD = standard deviation CVTS = cervical vagal trunk stimulation HRA = high right atrium, high right atria or high right atrial LSPV = left superior pulmonary vein LAA = left atria appendage ERP= effective refractory period CV = conductionvilocity PV-LAJ = pulmonary vein-left atriumjunction [LSPV.sub.p] = proximal part of left superior pulmonary vein [LSPV.sub.m] = middle part of left superior pulmonary vein [LSPV.sub.d] = distal part of left superior pulmonary vein COV-ERP = coefficient of variation ERP S1 = basic drive stimuli S2 = single premature stimulus
1, 2) displayed a large mediastinum, computed tomography showed 13x9x11 cm lobulating, heterogeneous hypodense mass in superior mediastinum that compressed left superior pulmonary vein (Fig.
The diameter of LAA orifice; the distances between the orifices of left superior pulmonary veins, left anterior descending (LAD) artery, circumflex artery, mitral valve, oval fossa and LAA orifices were measured.