left superior pulmonary vein

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left su·pe·ri·or pul·mo·nar·y vein

the vein returning oxygenated blood from the left superior lobe of the lung to the left atrium; tributaries include the apicoposterior, anterior, and lingular veins (branches) from the superior lobe.
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Multielectrode catheter was placed along the left superior pulmonary vein, a quadripolar catheter in the HIS, a quadripolar catheter in the left atrial appendage (LAA), and a multielectrode catheter was inserted into the coronary sinus.
The conduction sequences across PV-LAjunction, within left superior pulmonary vein and the inducibility of AF were assessed before and after vagal stimulation by 60 ms (1000 bpm) continuous electrical pulse pacing at the LA, middle and distal part of LSPV in 10s, 30s and 60s different duration with 30s interval in each time.
The diameter of LAA orifice; the distances between the orifices of left superior pulmonary veins, left anterior descending (LAD) artery, circumflex artery, mitral valve, oval fossa and LAA orifices were measured.