left justified

left justified,

n data are left justified when the left-most digit or character occupies the left-most position of the space allotted for those data.
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Rita has owned more world champions than anyone else in our industry," Campbell said (Alyssa Anderson, "Small Town's Comptroller Steals $30 million from City's Coffers," Left Justified, April 22, 2012).
In the columns/data fields, words should be left justified, and whole numbers should be right justified.
There's built-in support for the most widespread serial interface formats, including left justified, right justified, DSP and I2S, and the interface can generate and measure up to eight audio channels simultaneously using TDM or multiple data lines.
The tetractys form can be used in other ways, such as the reverse tetractys, the double tetractys, and right and left justified.
But their opponents in the black community and on the left justified the teacher firings in ways that came dangerously close to racial essentialism, another ideological dead end.
Hills left Justified 7-1 third favourite for the Festival with Cornish Sett at 25-1 and Hors La Loi III a 33-1 chance.
Just type and at any point (or points) on the line you can change the font style, its size, colour, underlining and whether centred, right or left justified or italics.
Compatible with four types of digital input formats: -- MSB First Right Justified (16/20/24-bit) -- MSB First Left Justified (24-bit) -- LSB First Right Justified (24-bit) -- I2S (24-bit) -- Embedded L/R independent digital gain control: -- +30 dB ~ negative infinity (Can control up to -96 dB in 0.
The family of devices allows eight-audio input formats including IIS, Right Justified, Left Justified, and Master/Slave modes of operation with 16 to 24 bit word sizes.