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The former practice of applying leeches to the body to draw blood for therapeutic purposes.
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Successful salvage of decongested tissues with leeching has been reported in 70-80% of cases [10, 21, 37, 38].
Chapter 2 traces the history of 'leeching' from ancient times, through its heyday in the 19th century to its regained popularity today.
"Leeches are not disgusting creatures!" (Still, the color photos are not for the squeamish.) Michalsen (complementary and integrative medicine, Kliniken Eissen-Mitte, Knappshaftskrankenhaus, Essen, Germany) and other German and US contributors back up their enthusiasm for Hirudo medicinalis by reviewing research data supporting the re-emergence of the traditional practice of leeching. Following historical and leech biology overviews, they present techniques, indications and contraindications for leech therapy in treating various conditions, the role of leeching in integrative medicine, and legal aspects.