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n 1. a conveyance of lands or tenements to a person for life, for a stated number of years, or at will, in consideration of rent or some other recompense.
2. any agreement that gives rise to a landlord and tenant relationship.
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The ultimate issue of this affair does not appear; but as the house of Cassilis are still in possession of the greater part of the feus and leases which belonged to Crossraguel Abbey, it is probable the talons of the King of Carrick were strong enough, in those disorderly times, to retain the prey which they had so mercilessly fixed upon.
I know you will be glad to have your lease renewed for three years, when the present one expires; otherwise, I daresay Thurle, who is a man of some capital, would be glad to take both the farms, as they could be worked so well together.
She believed in intensive dairying as well as intensive farming, and intended, as soon as the lease expired, to establish a Jersey dairy on the other ten acres.
To be sitting quietly by, seeing and hearing these things; to be completely overlooked, unnoticed, and disregarded, while his son and a young lady were talking to each other in the most impassioned manner, kissing each other, and making themselves in all respects perfectly at home; was a position so tremendous, so inexplicable, so utterly beyond the widest range of his capacity of comprehension, that he fell into a lethargy of wonder, and could no more rouse himself than an enchanted sleeper in the first year of his fairy lease, a century long.
Next week, there were more visits to Doctors' Commons, and there was a visit to the Legacy Duty Office besides, and there were treaties entered into, for the disposal of the lease and business, and ratifications of the same, and inventories to be made out, and lunches to be taken, and dinners to be eaten, and so many profitable things to be done, and such a mass of papers accumulated that Mr.
Vith the bills for the lease, and that, there's eleven hundred and eighty pound here.
What makes leasing so hot now is that auto dealers and manufacturers, anxious to get out of the recession doldrums, are granting bigger discounts on leases.
Negotiate the Lease For Your Best Tax Benefit--Most leases are written as either an operating lease or a capital lease.
Companies surveyed include those that lease, own or provide lease administration services to properties with a combined total of more than six billion square feet of leased space under more than 300,000 leases.
Today, almost every company leases some of its equipment -- and with good reason.
467 applies to long-term leases or tax avoidance leases (sale-leaseback).