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n 1. a conveyance of lands or tenements to a person for life, for a stated number of years, or at will, in consideration of rent or some other recompense.
2. any agreement that gives rise to a landlord and tenant relationship.
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Most leasers are traders (although not all traders are leasers) who seldom go into the cave themselves and prefer to sublet the site to other people who will take care of the exploitation.
Leaser is a big fan of painted furniture, which adds character and customization to any room.
7) for 2006 regarding Real Estate Registration, to be two per cent of the property value on the owner, beneficiary or leaser in addition to equal amount on the beneficiary or the leaser, unless otherwise agreed.
Keeping the ownership rights in the hands of the developer," he said, "therefore controls the quality of the activities there and binds the leaser to comply with the activities and standards set by the developer as part of the leasing agreement.
The leaser would be responsible for operational, maintenance, utility and tax obligations of the site.
Betting on the rosy business climate in Taiwan, Regus Group, the world's largest leaser of offices, registered in the United States but headquartered in Luxemburg, will raise investment in Taiwan to raise the number of its business centers to nine within three years from the current three.
As a second-generation Jacksonville, Florida civic-leader, Sulzbacher has been a teacher, a developer, manager, and leaser of mixed-used real estate.
Summary: Hizbullah leaser Hassan Nasrallah on Wednesday warned that "all possibilities" were open against Israel as he spoke about the Jewish state's offensive in Gaza.
Duke Realty Corporation (NYSE:DRE), a developer, manager and leaser of real estate, announced on Friday (29 August) that the company has been selected to construct a new office campus for GE Aviation, a business unit of General Electric Company (NYSE:GE), in Cincinnati, USA.
While the order is not large enough to make the program profitable, Vietnam Airlines and the world's largest aircraft leaser, International Lease Finance Corp.
Tenders are invited for Cartridge Hp Leaser 100 Colour Mfp M 175A Hp 126A Ce 310 A Ce 311A Ce 318A Ce 313A 04 Cartridge 1 Set
One of the many benefits of leasing, however, is that those payments are often lower than they would be if the vehicle were fully financed as the leaser only has to pay for a small portion of the vehicle.