learning set

learn·ing set

a readiness or predisposition to learn developed from previous learning experiences, as when an organism learns to solve each successive problem (of equal or increasing difficulty) in fewer trials.
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Under the guidance of the late King Abdul Aziz, there were various institutions of learning set up in the Kingdom, with top educators brought in from other Arab countries.
As a result, Cameron's studies (1979, 1981) investigated discrimination learning set performance in preschool children as a function of age, irrelevant dimensions, and the number of trials per problem.
2010) An exploratory evaluation of an action learning set within a mental health service.
The Inquiry into Family Learning set out to explore how family learning interventions could support the most vulnerable and at-risk families, giving them the resources they need to make the most of the opportunities available to them.
Stephen Kramer, co-owner of Lorikeet Learning set up the reward packages for contributing fellows of Lorikeet's campaign on crownfuner.
Often, in classification problems, the only known fact is the learning set, i.
ARTISTIC designers are seeing stars after a return to learning set them on a career in film and television.
Mark's biology teachers whose love of teaching and learning set examples for both colleagues and students.
In the operating department this may involve an action learning set being set up to solve different problems.
As already stated, the key concept here is the notion of explanatory power drawn from Thagard and Nowak (1990): it corresponds to the ratio of the learning set explained by a theory.

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