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However, technological literacy is seldom referred to or considered in academic arguments as a stand-alone learning domain alongside the conventional domains of language literacy and numerical literacy.
Project-based compositional programs that incorporate creative collaborative composition and compositional teaching practices with technology and comprehensive musicianship have the capacity to engage multiple learning domains and provide an optimal learning experience.
Using Homomorphisms to Transfer Options across Continuous Reinforcement Learning Domains. In Proceedings of the Twenty-First National Conference on Artificial Intelligence.
Depending on whether the course is a didactic, laboratory or clinical course, students may be evaluated in some or all of the 3 learning domains.
Further, three-factor solutions also were not consistent with Canfield's three learning domains. Therefore, along with limited theoretical support and the lack of empirical justification, we find little support for the use of the Canfield LSI in accounting education research.
Change in personal learning domains ultimately affects organizational and technical domains as well.
The activities are designed as integrative measures, however, resulting in fewer, but more complex, assessments that draw upon a range of learning domains. The teacher must clearly define all the domains that will be assessed in each complex project.
It is stated that educators have to be very careful while designing curriculum, so that they design teaching methodologies and assessments keeping in mind all the learning domains.2 Cognition is the major domain which gives foundation for skills and behaviors.
two of Bloom's learning domains (2), the cognitive (mental skills)
The structural relationships among the nodes are further explored according to the research purposes and learning domains of the 53 studies.
The study was planned to identify the possible learning domains for medical electives as perceived by the students and to quantify their level of achievement of their goals after completing electives.

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