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To help guide credit unions looking to operate as leanly as possible in these challenging economic times, the Credit Union Executives Society has released a series of cost-control manuals.
By that, I mean some hotels, for instance, are simply staffed more leanly than another hotel in a different price point and different set of amenities.
For leanly staffed organizations, like many rural telcos, the marketing, training and operational support are icing on the cake.
'In order to compete, we have to work as leanly as we can.
In the dramatic scene of the conflagration of the barn which houses Addie's coffin, Jewel's heroic rescue of his mother's corpse is satirically rendered by Darl, who sees him as "a flat figure cut leanly from tin" (218).
Job cuts probably won't take place in this merger because the organizations are "leanly" staffed and most functions are "complimentary, not duplicative," Elliott said.
It is leanly shaped and makes a strong styling message at the front, where the grille cuts into the bonnet, forcing the number plate to one side.
Although the nascent broadcasters insist they will operate far more leanly and efficiently than the incumbents, many tradesters believe casualties are inevitable.
Because the bulk sales from old to new chains typically have involved a large number of leanly run "mature papers" in no- to slow-growth communities, the only way the new owners can increase revenue is to find fresh properties and cut costs.
"Areas with a greater number of apartments and starter homes are likely to face a difficult 12 months with properties having to be priced leanly to attract sufficient activity and to appeal to cash-strapped first-time buyers."
Northern Engineering Industries (NEI), with headquarters at Gosforth, topped the list in albeit the pounds 400m turnover then (if you exclude inflation) contrasts leanly with the pounds 3bn that put Arriva at the top last year.
The challenge for us is that we are leanly staffed and not all employees may be able to take advantage of it."