leading edge

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lead·ing edge

the initial part of a waveform.
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Although the idea was simple, however, putting it into practice required the development of both the capsule and a system to introduce it into the uterus, involving the implementation of leading-edge technologies and complicated studies on the materials used.
The new findings suggest that leading-edge vortices playa crucial role in bird flight as well.
The leading-edge utilization rate is the primary trigger for capacity spending.
To make ribs and stiffeners for the leading-edge nose, five semi-preg plies are preconsolidated into 4 x 12 ft sheets.
Combining AMD's leading graphics core with the proven strengths of our Nomadik leading-edge multimedia platform will not only drive interest with application developers, but will help feed the consumer appetite for visually rich 3D applications and multimedia.
Samsung is totally committed to serving our customers by being first-to-market with leading-edge DDR SDRAM memory products.
By working with foundry partners and listening to input from customers, we have made our data converter and AFE IP ready for integration and suitable for leading-edge applications," said JoEuo Vital, Chipidea co-founder and vice president of the Data Converter Business Unit.
TI's leading-edge DSP technology and ARM's advanced microcontroller architecture will enable OEMs to be on the leading-edge of next generation multimedia applications.
Silicon International, with its infrastructure and customer relationships, has been a top provider of leading-edge capital equipment and services to the Chinese semiconductor industry for over 24 years.
focused on the commercialization of leading-edge life science research tools for drug discovery, today announced that the Peter MacCullum Cancer Centre, the only hospital in Australia dedicated to cancer research, treatment and care, has joined its Open Access RNAi Program.