leading edge

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lead·ing edge

the initial part of a waveform.
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Each of the wedges also have an added groove-Callaway calls it a 'nip it' groove-near the leading edge that's designed to induce more spin when you catch the ball a bit thin.
Finally, boots are relatively fragile, at least when compared to omitting them from leading edges, and require regular maintenance plus eventual overhaul/replacement.
One explanation is that dark particles ejected from Phoebe, Saturn's small outer moon, have drifted inward to coat Iapetus' leading edge. Another possibility, supported by the appearance of dark material at the bottoms of the moon's craters, is that the dark material has been spewed from the interior of Iapetus.
Two developments led interest away from the underside of the wing and toward the left leading edge. Ground recovery teams found Columbia's modular auxiliary data system recorder.
The leading edge of the jamming pulse will now precede the leading edge of the skin return pulse, so it can steal the leading edge tracker.
Researchers hope that what they learn about the materials will enable designers to sharpen a spacecraft's leading edges, which could result in improved vehicle maneuverability.
Galileo's flyby only allowed the craft to view one half of the elongated asteroid at high resolution, where the craft saw boulders clustered near the body's leading edge as it tumbles end over end.
Now that scientists know how the glow originates, Murad says, they should try to mount space-bound instruments to face away from the craft's leading edge to present these instruments from "seeing" the glow.

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