leading edge

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lead·ing edge

the initial part of a waveform.
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"I tried Leading Edge's topical oil for a chronic back pain issue that was keeping me awake at night," said Salley.
"This new partnership provides Cannavera consumers with a simple, secure and convenient purchase option," said Leading Edge chief executive officer David Chadwick.
It found that up to 148 leading edge slat tracks manufactured by a single supplier are affected by the problem.
Leading Edge stated that customers can expect to see a horsepower gain of approximately 10 percent using its pipes with a reduced brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) and increased torque.
Based on Tour feedback, Callaway has designed the wedges with a more compact shape, straighter leading edges, tighter leading-edge radii, and slightly more offset throughout the line, according to Callaway.
The activity to which Leading Edge plead guilty occurred prior to the company's purchase by a new ownership group in April 2012.
The second WWA Leading Edge Award was awarded to Wet'n'Wild Sydney and its suppliers.
Associated Painters, which specialises in narrow-bodied airplanes, complements Leading Edge Aviationa[euro](tm)s core operations and extends its geographic footprint into Florida, Oklahoma and Washington, Vance principal Brian Martin said, commenting on the transaction.
Increased demand, combined with less-than-mature yields at the leading edge, is consuming increased capacity, causing the equipment utilization rate to climb upward in the second quarter of 2012, he added.
Leading Edge Logistics, a US-based third party logistics company, has announced the acquisition of CF Logistics of San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Spirit AeroSystems Inc (NYSE:SPR), an independent supplier of commercial aircraft assemblies and components, on Monday announced plans to move production of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner fixed leading edge composite wing component to its Malaysia facility.
I do however have one small point to add with regards to the history of the discipline's understanding of such leading edge features.

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