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RESULTS: 1 Adam Poth, Patrick Leslie, Andre Williams and Chris Leaden (94 team points); 2 Jason and Sanne Smith, John and Linda Boland (88).
from glistened leaden from lax with what's inside become a dot
"Art builds from pain, from misery, from a deep-seated hurt, a monument to the human heart that shines like a golden dome among roofs rain-glazed and leaden" _ Actor Liam Neeson, widower of Natasha Richardson waxes lyrical..
Harmony Designs owner Robin Harmon-Myers is an incredible woman on many more levels than just an interior designer; she's an intellectual and a community leaden Her store stands for more than just a material aspect of life, the privilege 08 having a home to design.
Despite Dobbs's pantomime Cold War-era portrayal of Chinese people and his leaden characterisation, this does have its thrilling moments: assassination attempts, melting nuclear reactors, warships in hostile waters and heroic rescue attempts all make appearances.
How many more Christmas family reunions are to be ruined by these leaden lumps?
His catalog of self-penned lyrics is cringe-inducing, full of songs leaden with Hallmark poetry and dorm-room philosophizing.
"We are delighted [with the announcement],"said Debbie Banks, EIA's tiger campaign leaden "it sends out a clear message to China, India and Nepal that the EU is concerned about the trade in tiger and leopard skins.
His ethereal "Wild Is the Wind" makes Nina Simone sound leaden in comparison, but he shines brightest on the originals: The Weill-goes-glam-rock of "Satellite Life"; the mesmerizing seven-minute odyssey "At the Edge of the World.
Bush, he said, and was distressed to hear the leaden language with which Kerry tried to sell his health-care plan--a plan we always thought was quite good.
Woodworth (history, Yale U.) and journalist Richards describe how Petersburg supported and augmented the work of such disparate authors as well as new generations of poets in this most literary of Russian cities, and how the salons, tenements, teas, and frozen garrets of this city worked with the white nights, pale palaces, black water and leaden streets to inspire large and small masterpieces.
But the stilted and leaden review of the excellent Simon Sadler book on Archigram, the only real text on the site so far, suggests that it may not happen here.