lead sulfide

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lead sul·fide

PbS; the native form in which lead is chiefly found.
Synonym(s): galena
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Here we report the use of water-in-CO2 microemulsion in the preparation of various metal (Silver, copper) and metal sulfide (cadmium sulfide, lead sulfide and silver sulfide) nanoparticles via RESOLV (Rapid Expansion of a Supercritical Solution into a Liquid SOLVent).
Textron Systems introduced the 1D-L256 infrared sensor for spectroscopy, which can be purchased with either Lead Sulfide or Lead Selenide detector arrays.
Galena, which is 86% to 88% lead sulfide, is a lead ore that is often ground into powder for use in surma or kohl preparations.
The seeker could use two different detectors to monitor the energy levels in the two bands (for example, lead sulfide for the short band and indium antimonide for the long band) or use a single detector with different band-pass filters on the reticle spokes.
Quantum dots of lead sulfide (PbS) with smaller gap were next used to create the opportunity for wider sorption of sun spectrum.