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With shipment of LED lead frames for LED-backlit LCD TVs increasing, the firm projects its sales revenue for January to exceed NT$470 million (US$14.
With smaller chips distributed across a 3-dimensional lead frame, heat is significantly easier to manage which enables an increase in Lumen/Watt output as well as allowing optically optimized epoxy to directly encase the entire assembly.
SDI), a Taiwanese supplier of LED lead frames for automotives and consumer electronics, has invested NT$80 million (US$2.
As LED has been replacing CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) as the most popular light source of backlights for display panels for LCD (liquid crystal display) TVs and notebook PCs, demand for LED lead frames has gradually recovered recently and is expected to enjoy explosive growth in 2010, driving a number of Taiwanese manufacturers of this kind to boost their capacity.
Among them, SDI is no doubt the earliest to do so in the line on the island, because its output expansion for LED lead frames is scheduled to be completed at the end of December 2009, which will help the firm to double its maximum monthly production value to NT$70 million in the future.
The firm's LED lead frames are mainly used in small- and medium-sized display panels and mobile phones and for LED backlights.
They have copper lead frames that are gold plated to military standards.
The programmable flat-belt, dual-lane conveyor allows for a variety of process carriers, including Auer boats, lead frames and custom carriers.
Cheung was Executive Director, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of QPL International, a Hong Kong-based global supplier of lead frames for the semiconductor industry.