lead carbonate

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lead car·bon·ate

a heavy white powder insoluble in water; occasionally, it is used to relieve irritation in dermatitis, but it is used largely in the manufacture of paint and in the arts and is thus productive of lead poisoning.
Synonym(s): ceruse, white lead
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Weathering transformed minimally gastric-bioaccessible primary lead sulfides into abundant, highly gastric-bioaccessible secondary lead carbonates and moderately gastric-bioaccessible lead phosphates (Casteel et al.
Low levels of water-soluble lead found in ores and soils by our water leach tests suggest the highest lead concentrations in water likely resulted from suspended particles such as lead carbonates. Three-year-olds drinking 1.3 L of water a day (U.S.
A systematic geological assessment of gold mines throughout the region is needed to screen lead-poor deposits from lead-rich deposits (Figure 2A) and identify deposits with abundant lead carbonates. Artisanal mining and processing could ideally focus on lead-poor ores.
Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage saw a decline in its off-trade volume share to 41% in 2015, although it continued to lead carbonates. The stronger competition in carbonates negatively impacted the performance of Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage.
Refrige SA - Sociedade Industrial de Refrigerantes continued to lead carbonates with a 50% off-trade value share in 2015.
Coca-Cola continued to lead carbonates in 2015 with an off-trade value share of 68%, followed by Sarajevski Kiseljak with a 14% share.