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The aim of this study is to reuse landfill leachate containing much amount nutrients of protein, sugar, oil and so on as medium to efficiently culture R.
The landfill leachate derived from the solid filtered liquid of kitchen waste, which was sent by Green Space Biotech Limited Company at Beijing, P.R.China, was used in this study.
Landfill leachate is a foul-smelling black or brown liquid.
Chung found that the methane concentration was increased from 30% (before recirculation) to 70% with injecting the leachate treated by SBR in an aged landfill.
The City Engineer's Office (CEO) and the City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) has also coordinated with the Cenro to implement interventions regarding the leachate.
Genomic DNA was extracted from leachate samples collected from three Hanwoo carcasses (A, B, and C) using a Fast DNA Spin Kit for Soil (MP Biomedicals, Santa Ana, CA, USA).
The degradation products generated from the degradation process include leachate and gas.
Under the contract, OWS will retrofit an underperforming landfill leachate treatment system with an EWS:AOx system.
The Solid Waste Division also will construct a leachate handling and storage system as a part of the bioreactor landfill cell construction.
For this reason leachate operations were carried out to simulate natural mobilization, and the results obtained will indicate the mobilized fraction from compost to plants and aquifers [16, 17].
Soil pH tended to decrease with time due the outflow of ions from the soil column which led to the increase of acidity in the leachate. In leachates from Oxisol, there was a clear decrease of pH from 5.40 to 4.40 in T1, from 5.87 to 5.15 in T2 and from 4.70 to 4.44 in T3.