Le Chatelier

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Le Cha·te·li·er

(lĕ chah-tel-ē-ā'),
Henri, French physical chemist, 1850-1936. See: Le Chatelier law, Le Chatelier principle.
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Playing out true to Interest-Convergence theory and Le Chatelier's principle of equilibrium, the recommendations that would cause minimal disruption or would benefit the system were accepted.
These violations of the Le Chatelier principle imply that the short-run adjustments are (slightly) larger than the long-run adjustments with respect to the sub-stitutability of capital and labor.
Benefiting from almost forty years of Henry Le Chatelier's presence, the Lafarge central laboratory proved highly productive.
The common wisdom advising against the use of deionized or distilled water is that this water will "leach out" metals because of Le Chatelier's principle.
In 1895, the French chemist Henry Le Chatelier opened the door to gas welding by demonstrating that acetylene gas ([C.sub.2] [H.sub.2]) mixed with oxygen burned with a flame hot enough to melt, and thus weld, iron.
The French chemist Henri-Louis Le Chatelier (1850-1936) stated a rule in 1888 that became known as Le Chatelier's principle.
This inverted (or Le Chatelier) design automatically levels the specimen and brings it close to focus.
Le Chatelier's expansion tests were carried out with mortars consisting of OSA and fine aggregate (EN standard sand).
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