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abbreviation for pound-force.


abbreviation for pound-force per square foot.


abbreviation for pound-force per square inch.
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The actual volumes of LBF required for each species bio-oil type was compared with and without 12.
The aisles of Olympia Hall in Hammersmith during LBF are a bibliophile's delight.
BEIRUT: Te head of the Internal Security Forces (ISF), Major-General Ashraf Rifi, met with Lebanese Basketball Federation (LBF) president Pierre Kakhia on Thursday in order to discuss possible security measures to be taken at LBF stadiums and events for the remainder of a closely fought Finals series.
A spokesperson for the LBF said that attendance was up considerably on previous years.
Along with detailed technical specifications on Lloyd Instruments universal test machines from 1 kN to 300 kN (225 lbf.
He beat off 1,450 entrants and the four other finalists after a reading in front of the judges at the LBF on 15 March 2004, reports the Ottawa Citizen.
Tenders are invited for Work Providing and laying 150mm dia by 230mm dia GSW UGD line with reconstruction and construction of new manholes at 4th cross, LBF road, 9th cross, LBF road, at Parvathipura 1st cross, east circle road, at Vasavi temple, conservency and surrounding area of ward no.
The advanced MX platform delivers a family of 30 actuators and provides increased bending moment and load capability, offering a range of 35 lbf to 2,583 lbf (Fz), with auxiliary carriers available for double the load capacity.
The eXpert 560x, eXpert 760x and eXpert 26xx (also available in a floor configuration) feature capacities ranging from 1 kN (225 lbf.