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, lazaretto (laz'ă-ret, -ret'ō), Obsolete term for:
1. A hospital for the treatment of contagious diseases.
2. A place of detention for people in quarantine.
[It. lazzaretto, fr. lazzaro, a leper]
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(lăz′ə-rĕt′ō) also




n. pl. lazaret·tos also laza·rets or laza·rettes
1. A hospital treating contagious diseases.
2. A building or ship used as a quarantine station.
3. often lazarette A storage space below deck or between decks on a ship or boat.
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(1) Leprosarium. 
(2) A hospital for infectious disease(s). 
(3) A quarantine site.
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Comme un virus, Flibotte circule partout en depit des frontieres sociales, informatiques et virales; il a meme reussi a s'evader de Lazarette,puis a se faire extirper de la nuque la puce qui aurait permis de le localiser.
Details include a sliding chart table (it slides aft when not in use to free settee space), a huge bathroom with separate shower stall and access through the shower wall to the lazarette.
There is a hatch in the bulkhead which enables you to reach the bottom of the lazarette, which is more than a metre deep from its access point under the cockpit seat.
Underfoot the optional teak cladding hides a central main hatch giving access to the rudder shaft for emergency steering while on each quarter are deep lazarettes.