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, lazaretto (laz'ă-ret, -ret'ō), Obsolete term for:
1. A hospital for the treatment of contagious diseases.
2. A place of detention for people in quarantine.
[It. lazzaretto, fr. lazzaro, a leper]
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De plus, contrairement aux cas du penitencier et du lazaret discutes a la partie III-B-5 de cet article, celui-ci demontre une intention claire de proteger la sphere d'autonomie provinciale.
He may be able to teach us more about the evolution of his successor, the Neanderthal man," Riviera Times quoted Paleontologist Marie-Antoinette de Lumley, who has been in charge of excavation at Lazaret since 1961, as saying.
Two shell/charcoal paired samples were dated from the Lazaret Midden located on the north margin of Peel Island in southern Moreton Bay (Figure 1, Table 3) (Ross 2001; Ross and Coghill 2000; Ross and Duffy 2000).
Peel was established as a lazaret in 1907 (remaining open until 1959), and prior to this many of the Moreton Bay islands had also been annexed to house 'others' who did not fit governmental ideals of a healthy, well-controlled society.
We have previously reported (Ross et al 1999) that fish bone in the Lazaret Midden represents almost 60,000 NISPs (number of individual specimens) weighing almost 250 g, from just one 50 x 50 cm pit.
The remains which best show us their life style are those of the cave of Lo Lazaret in Nice on the Cote d'Azur.
In 1906 the Queensland government gazetted the northwestern portion of the island as a lazaret for the treatment of sufferers of Hansen's disease (leprosy).