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(lā) [Fr. lai, L. laicus, fr Gr. laïkos, pert. to the people]
Not professionally trained in or qualified to practice any of the professions for which a higher education is required (e.g., law, medicine, clergy).
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Q. what is leukemia in lay person language, what causes it, what are the symptomes, and is it cancer

A. Leukemia is cancer of white blood cells. there are about 6-7 types of Leukemia i think...i'll have to check that one out. it basically means a white blood cell got mutated and started to multiply like crazy. causes severe problems. the types defer in which part of maturation it got cancerous. i hope i helped- if you still need more information, just ask! i'm here.

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A dark posthumous work about sexual exploitation and self-destruction that lays bare its lesbian author's dark genius.
The artist's interest in exposing the links between serious Romanticism and asinine romance not only begets some fantastically strange imagery but also lays bare centuries-old mechanisms of, say, male genius that have designated certain obsessive, sensually directed tendencies as capital and others as lowercase.
This book lays bare, often very painfully, the personal costs that a Masterwork can sometimes demand as tribute from its creators.
She lays bare the inadequacy of the familiar response that historical writing was didactic and teases out the different levels of edification that informed the texts' composition.
In an article for the Minneapolis Star and Tribune headed, `Integrity requires eternal vigilance', Denny lays bare the questionable practices of many corporations, their executives and boards.