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The ratio of probability of occurrence to nonoccurrence of an event.
[pl. of odd, fr. M.E. odde, fr. O.Norse oddi, odd number]
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In statistics, the probability that an event may appear or occur. This probability is estimated from known rates of occurrence of the event in a specific setting, e.g., from the known number of patients with a particular disease on a particular island. In practice most patients do not live on islands, and many have diseases whose presentation varies from the norm. The use of odds in health care always implies some degree of probability rather than of proof.
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Q. I have weak pelvic muscles.. Ive not had any children or anything like that. And im only 20. Isnt it abit odd It dont help one little bit when you have bladder problems(and struggle to control the flow)

A. Thank you for the answer Lucy, however i forgot to mention i have actually been doing P

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That's not easy when bookies are laying odds that they will get back together - just like William's dad and Camilla Parker-Bowles did.
STAN JAMES are the best bookmakers in the business, laying odds on almost every sporting contest on the planet at any time of the day.
Bookmakers are already laying odds of 6/5 that Le Guen will not see out the season but he says he has the stomach for the fight ahead.
CHANDLER stand alone among the firms laying odds on the weekend's Intertoto Cup matches in not writing off Dundee's chances of progressing to the next round in Smederevo tonight, writes Ian Coyne.
He has come under attack from fans on the internet and bookies are laying odds on him being forced out at Ninian Park.
Secondly, the people laying odds on the Betfair site are essentially punters who neither need nor necessarily expect to win.
Bookies are laying odds on Welsh hunk Ioan Gruffudd being the next James Bond.
"What we don't want to see is participants flaunting a close association with someone who is laying odds on the event the participant is going to compete in.
He is laying odds of 14-1 that Manchester United secure the Premiership title AND consign City to relegation with a win in the derby at Old Trafford on April 21.
Cricket, football and snooker are also worried about the levels of contact between the participants and those laying odds on the events the same participants compete in.
The problem was that William Hill were not laying odds on that race, but Corals were.
The match of the first round kicks off at 7.30am UK time - 6.30pm in Sydney - but it does not matter because open-all-hours Stan James are the bookmakers laying odds.