Bekhterev, Vladimir M.

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(Bechterew), Vladimir M., Russian neurologist, 1857-1927.
band of Kaes-Bekhterev - see under Kaes
Bekhterev band - Synonym(s): band of Kaes-Bekhterev
Bekhterev disease - arthritis and osteitis deformans involving the spinal column. Synonym(s): spondylitis deformans
Bekhterev-Mendel reflex - percussion of the dorsum of the foot causes flexion of the toes in a pyramidal lesion. Synonym(s): dorsum pedis reflex; Mendel-Bekhterev reflex
Bekhterev nucleus - one of the nuclei raphes. Synonym(s): nucleus centralis tegmenti superior
Bekhterev sign - paralysis of automatic facial movements, the power of voluntary movement being retained.
layer of Bekhterev - Synonym(s): band of Kaes-Bekhterev
line of Bekhterev - Synonym(s): band of Kaes-Bekhterev
Mendel-Bekhterev reflex - Synonym(s): Bekhterev-Mendel reflex
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