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The ratio of probability of occurrence to nonoccurrence of an event.
[pl. of odd, fr. M.E. odde, fr. O.Norse oddi, odd number]
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In statistics, the probability that an event may appear or occur. This probability is estimated from known rates of occurrence of the event in a specific setting, e.g., from the known number of patients with a particular disease on a particular island. In practice most patients do not live on islands, and many have diseases whose presentation varies from the norm. The use of odds in health care always implies some degree of probability rather than of proof.
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Q. I have weak pelvic muscles.. Ive not had any children or anything like that. And im only 20. Isnt it abit odd It dont help one little bit when you have bladder problems(and struggle to control the flow)

A. Thank you for the answer Lucy, however i forgot to mention i have actually been doing P

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Very few, I'll bet - and I'll also lay odds the critics of Paul Le Guen will soon be silenced at Ibrox.
The Boulton, Watt and Murdock statue is a traditional style of art and as a bookmaker I would lay odds that in a vote with the Birmingham people the trads would win with a big margin.
It was only recently that Power were censured for their risque advertising campaign, including one poster which appeared to lay odds on which of two elderly ladies would be knocked down by a speeding car.
I wasn't at all impressed by the attitude of Belly Dancer last time out and even though he looks classier than his rivals in the 12.50 he's no certainty and if I can lay odds on I certainly will.
Many complained they knew too little about the kickboxers and were therefore unable to lay odds.
Quinn loves a bet, would lay odds on two flies climbing a wall, and even employs a racing analogy to sum up Ireland's prospects of beating Holland and Portugal to next summer's World Cup finals.
I think not and I'll lay odds the result will be reversed if the two horses meet again.
We're willing to lay odds that sooner or later we'll be driving past Now, Are You Sure You've Brushed Your Teeth?
A CHEEKY betting firm advert has caused fury by asking punters to lay odds on which of two old ladies will be run over first.
I'd lay odds that it was perfected with many a flash of adolescent temper, sullen silences and gleeful grins and shouts during terms of wet lunchtimes in a school gym or to a scratchy Dansette on youth club evenings.
The bookies are about to stop taking bets on the scatter-cash Borders side's title chances but the 33-year-old will lay odds that it's going to be some title race.
BOOKIES refused to lay odds on this week's "Winter Wimbledon", fearing a stitch-up by in-the-know tennis punters.