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Bowel movement, with or without laxatives.
[see laxative]
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When I started, I thought, 'We should get this baby wrapped up in about five years.' But we haven't made a ton of progress on laxation. There aren't a lot of studies, many are small, and the results are inconsistent."
This research suggests that fiber is good for more than laxation, which means helping food move through the intestines, he added.
Effects of flax fiber on laxation and glycemic response in healthy volunteers.
Importantly, there were no signs of excessive laxation or frank diarrhoea as has been noted with other digestion-resistant carbohydrates.
Summary: BEIRUT: Prominent Lebanese businessmen on Tuesday urged the government to implement long overdue reforms, warning that any laxation could affect the economy.
An unfermented gel component of psyllium seed husk promotes laxation as a lubricant in humans.
For one thing, polyols in sufficient quantity can cause bloating, flatulence and laxation. At levels of use in wine, erythritol has not been shown to produce these effects in consumers.
Moreover, "more patients in the methylnaltrexone group than in the place-bo group had reductions in the difficulty of laxation and distress associated with constipation," Dr.Thomas and his associates said.
The Laxation of services is so complex that other states previously attempting to impose these taxes were forced to abandon them.
The study's primary end point was the incidence of laxation within the first 4 hours after treatment.
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Median time to laxation was 70 minutes for the 0.15-mg dose, 45 minutes at 0.30 mg, and more than 1,440 minutes (24 hours) with placebo.