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Bowel movement, with or without laxatives.
[see laxative]
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By 24 hours after treatment, the laxation rate was 68% in patients who got the lower dose, 63% in those who got the higher dose, and 33% in those who received placebo.
The nice thing about etythritol is that you get the benefits of sugar alcohol without the laxation effect," says Christine Dugan, a spokeswoman for Hershey Foods Corp.
Therefore the location of gamma re laxation could be considered as a microstructural probe.
The laxation threshold for mannitol is low and requires a warning label for anticipated ingestion of 20 grams per day.
Insoluble fibre helps to improve laxation and prevent constipation, mainly by increasing fetal bulk and reducing bowel transit time [16].
Divorce was condemned as a threat to the family, and that general opinion prevented re@ laxation of Canadian divorce laws.
Federal regulatory commissions govern the structure of industry through laws covering anti-trust, Laxation, and trade policy.
Fiber's specific effects on the body fall into four categories: laxation, regularity, effects on blood cholesterol.
These are partially digestible with laxation and colonic fermentation and effects on lipid levels.
Also, many ingredients being promoted have several potential side effects, such as digestive discomfort and laxation.
Sorbitol is a possibility because the sugar alcohols absolutely have an effect on laxation," explains Slavin.
Increased intake of dietary fiber from fruits and vegetables favorably modifies gut flora, promotes xenobiotic elimination (via flora modification, laxation, and overall reductions in enterohepatic recirculation), and is associated with reductions in morbidity and mortality.