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Word went around that the reason behind such a dazzling display of oligarchical partiality in the lawmaking industry was, well, the senators believed that high taxes on luxury cars would only encourage smuggling.
It offers the opportunity to integrate research, because the study of lawmaking cannot be confined to one institution, not even the legislature.
The lawmaking partnership also offers distinctive lawmaking advantages, including efficiency, political insulation, and comparative institutional competence.
It seeks to capture the relationship between the outcome of the lawmaking process and the law-making process itself by adopting a constitutional analytical perspective.
"This initial review is the first step towards a comprehensive assessment of Armenia's lawmaking system," said Ambassador
He likewise emphasized that lawmaking "is a shared privilege and duty of legislators and citizens."
March's successful referendum on the Assembly's powers means an anomaly has been created, with two lawmaking bodies existing under one legal system.
WORK started officially yesterday on the pounds 1m process to educate the people of Wales about devolution, and assess the public appetite for a more powerful lawmaking Assembly.
Tully (commerce and law, The London School of Economics and Political Science) offers legal insight into the participation of corporations in international lawmaking procedures.
Parliamentary democracy: A government in which an elected parliament (lawmaking body) chooses the government's leader, as in New Zealand.
And it was the latest chapter in a national trend of lawmaking based on religious ideologies that has blossomed in the wake of the presidential election last year.