lavender-top tube

lav·en·der-top tube

(lav'ĕn-dĕr-top tūb)
This type of tube contains ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid as an anticoagulant; used for most hematologic procedures.
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Another recent development was the release of what the company calls lavender-top management, "which enables laboratories to realize virtually hands-free analysis of the lavender-top tube, providing >90% of tests compatible with EDTA samples (i.e., erythrocyte sedimentation rate, or ESR, CBC differential, reticulocyte count, Hb A1c, and other esoteric tests) through sample re-routing and archiving, with as little human intervention as possible."
The laboratory also has an automated digital-imaging system to help improve efficiencies and achieve standardization with its smear-review process, This comprehensive automation solution achieves a higher level of efficiency, process standardization, and staff utilization analyzing >90% of tests from lavender-top tubes and 100% of pre- and post-analytical sample handling.
A system that can handle virtually all lavender-top tubes in an automated fashion, while utilizing rules-based (decision logic) software, meets these needs.
10 Lot #403 of lavender-top tubes will expire on 10/31/93 while I'm on vacation.