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A perennial herb that contains coumarins—e.g., coumarin and umbelliferone, flavonoids, tannins, triterpenoids, and volatile oils. Lavender is said to have antibacterial, carminative and sedative effects
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Finally, we reported that DNA cleavage patterns is absent in the scopolamine treated-rats exposed to lavender oils (LW and L02), suggesting that lavender oils possess antiapoptotic and neuroprotective activity.
In summary, the present study indicated that multiple exposures to lavender oils could effectively restore antioxidant brain status and may confer neuroprotection due to alleviation of oxidative damage induced by scopolamine.
Lavender oil: This is my favorite and most-used essential oil.
For insect bites, combine it with lavender oil and dilute with a carrier oil before applying.
The best lavender oils are French, and organically grown at a high altitude.
Lavender oil is one of the best guarantees of a restful night's sleep.
60 min after the silexan and lavender oils inhalation, rats were placed at the juncture of the open and closed arms and the amount of time spent on the open arms was recorded during a 5-min test, as previously described (Ciobica et al., 2009; Deng et al., 2010; Foyet et al., 2011).
The possible antidepressant effects of the lavender oils were assessed, basically using the same method described by Campos (Campos et al., 2005), but with modification.
Tea tree and lavender oils wake up tired feet with a refreshing deodorising spritz.
Although lavender oil and its core constituent linalyl acetate relieve pain and anxiety reduce blood pressure and heart rate and have diuretic activity, no study to date has assessed the effect of aromatherapy with lavender and linalyl acetate on the degree of pain relief and urination satisfaction after the removal of indwelling urinary catheters.
In taking three deep breaths through a 4 x 2 cm sized gauze suspended in above the philtrum of the subject, 1 ml 1% lavender oil, 1% LA, or almond oil was dropped onto the gauze, and the subject were allowed to inhale the aroma for about 20 minutes.
Based on the observed clinical effects, it has been speculated that lavender oil may exert benzodiazepine-like action including the known dependence and abuse potential of this class of drugs.