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A perennial herb that contains coumarins—e.g., coumarin and umbelliferone, flavonoids, tannins, triterpenoids, and volatile oils. Lavender is said to have antibacterial, carminative and sedative effects
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At first, Lavender said, he undertook the project to generate publicity and business for his firm, and eventually earn advertising revenue.
The Bare Hands Lavender & Mint Nourishing Hand and Cuticle Cream contain vitamins, grape seed extract and shea butter to moisturize and rejuvenate dry skin.The Bare Foot Lavender & Mint Healing Foot Cream is intended to hydrates and softens dry skin, while improving skin tone and elasticity.
SSgt Lavender continues her dedication in her off-duty time as well.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 29, 2019-: New data shows pharmaceutical quality lavender oil significantly improves anxiety induced insomnia when taken as a daily capsule
Last weekend, forward Jantel Lavender went down with a foot injury against the Las Vegas Aces.
or too long, lavender has been denied a rightful spot in our wardrobes.
The Platres Lavender Festival is one of them, and it's back for its fourth edition with an array of activities over July 6 and 7.
As part of its ambitious BCLM: Forging Ahead development plans, the Dudley museum will feature several well-known Black Country industries, including a translocation of part of the J H Lavender & Co aluminium foundry from Hall Green, West Bromwich.
The fresh, clean, relaxing scent of lavender (Lavandula spp.) has universal appeal and is instantly recognizable.
While lemonade by itself is a great drink, adding lavender to lemonade could be even better.