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To wash.
[L. lavatio, fr. lavo, to wash]
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Martin Morgan, whose family has practised lave net fishing for four generations, said, "We are not a commercial fishery - we are a heritage fishery.
Thanks, GL, for putting my lave celeb on the cover of my lave magazine.
PREPARACION: Lave las berenjenas y cortelas en tiras.
Men have been fishing on the river for many generations, using a hand-held lave net to catch fish at low tide.
If you want to try things at home, put on your lave tunes and do sit-ups, push-ups and arm lifts using household items (try liter-size plastic bottles filled with water).
Lave las frutas y las verduras en una tarja con dos o tres pulgadas de agua.
Lave bien las frutas y las verduras; para, mayor seguridad deseche las hojas de afuera de las lechugas porque son las que pueden tener mas microbios.
We have looked at other options, such as reduced catch limits for both net and rod fishermen and voluntary catch and release for lave net and rod fishermen, but felt that stopping any salmon being taken on the Severn this season through a by-law was necessary to protect salmon in the river.
These are theBlack Rock lave net fishermenof the Severn Estuary and are one of the few groups of its kind left in the country.
She makes friends with him and even helps Nau learn how to fly; but as Nau grows and changes, will his encounters with the outside world lead him to want to lave for good?
Larivee is from Slave Lave, which experienced major fire damage in 2011.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION: alevin; alive; anvil; evil; gave; gavel; genitival; give; given; glaive; invite; lave; laving; leaving; levant; levin; live; liven; living; naive; native; nave; navel; nival; vail; vailing; vain; vale; valet; valeting; valine; vane; vang; veal; vegan; veil; veiling; vein; venal; venial; vent; ventil; vial; vigil; vigilant; VIGILANTE; vile; vina; vine; vintage; vital.