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To wash.
[L. lavatio, fr. lavo, to wash]
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En etudiant les apprentis tailleurs du Liberia, Lave a montre comment << it is difficult, when looking closely at everyday activity .
O desempenho lexical de criancas usuarias de implante coclear, por meio do LAVE, foi mensurado para verificar a efetividade de um programa de orientacao aos pais, com duracao de quatro semanas.
Portland Barbers 8, Northwest Stars 3: Lefty Kevin Lave became the third Portland pitcher to record a complete game victory as the Barbers improved to 28-2 overall.
throwing out large rocks over a distance of about 1,800 meters while lave flows of about 1 kilometer were seen.
Es poco habitual que la poblacion sobre todo del sexo masculino, se lave las unas.
This hat is from Urban Outfitters, but vintage hats are my lave finds.
Lave roared down the snow-clad flanks of the 3,329 m (10,922 ft) volcano on Sicily.
In this qualitative study, Lave (geography, Indiana University) draws on the ideas of Pierre Bourdieu to examine who and what confers authority within scientific fields: is it knowledge, a degree, market demand, or the state?
Lave found that in 2000-2006 the most common retail clinic patient was a young adult without a primary care physician who sought care for an acute illness such as an upper respiratory tract infection.
and Judith Lave, a health policy economist at the University of Pittsburgh, look at U.
A teoria da aprendizagem situada e o conceito de comunidades de pratica de Lave e Wenger (1991) possibilitaram avancos em diversas areas do conhecimento para a explicacao dos processos de aprendizagem e tambem sobre como a aprendizagem pode ser construida a partir das praticas de trabalho e das formas como os aprendizes adquirem praticas e se relacionam com os mais experientes no ambiente de trabalho.