lauryl alcohol

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lau·ryl alcohol

A colorless solid alcohol used in synthetic detergents and pharmaceuticals.
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Optimization of esterification via the enzymatic route of reacting adipic acid and alcohols (oleyl alcohol, C18:l, and lauryl alcohol, C12:0) gave a high percentage yield of more than 90%.
Website: INGREDIENTS %WT Those A Deionized water 86.31 Zemea (DuPontTate & Lyle) (Propanediol) 5.00 PemulenTR-2 (Lubrizol) (Acrylates/C10-30 Alkvl acrvlate 0.20 crosspolvmer) Syricalm CLR (PC) (CLR) (Water phragmites communis extract 3.00 poria COCOK extract) Euxyl PE 9010 (schiilke) (Phenoxyethannl ethyl 0.80 hexvlgivcerin) Phase B Vitamin F Forte (CLR) (Linoleic acid linolenic acid) 1.00 Phytodefense CLR (CLR) (Glvcine soja (sovbean) oil dicaprylvl 3.00 ether magnolia granditlora bark extract lauryl alcohol) Inolens 4 Organic (Vitiva) 0.05 (Rosmarinus officinalis L extract) Phase C Sepinov EMT 10 (Scppic) 0.30 (Hvdroxyethyl aery late/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer) Phase D NAOH (10%) (Water sodium hydroxide) 0.34
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