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The activity of laughing; the manifestation of mirth or joy, or, less commonly, sarcasm or scorn
Alternative medicine See Laughter club, Laughter therapy, Laughter yoga
Neurology Spasmodic and largely involuntary expirations often accompanied by inarticulate vocalisations, generally evoked by mirth
Physiology Laughter increases blood flow to the brain and activates neural networks—e.g., nucleus accumbens (NAcc) and amygdala. Functional MRI data suggests that the increase in blood flow to NAcc evoked by extreme humour is similar to that triggered by monetary gain or use of some addictive drugs; a key symptom of depression is the lack of a sense of reward from previously rewarding activities—e.g., humour
Psychiatry Laughter is regarded as the most effective coping skill for anxiety-panic disorders and may temporarily alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression


A series of inarticulate sounds produced as an expression of emotion, usually happiness or mirth. The role of humor and laughter in promoting a positive attitude and health and in preventing the progress of some diseases has been documented esp. when it is combined with proven medical therapies.

compulsive laughter

Laughter without cause, occurring in certain psychoses, esp. schizophrenia.

pathological laughter

Uncontrolled laughter (occasionally accompanied by, or alternating with, uncontrolled crying), caused by pseudobulbar lesions of the brain. These lesions may result from lacunar strokes, multiple sclerosis, anoxic brain injury, and other forms of brain injury.
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The Carnival includes Laughter Fashion Show for all age groups, Laughter Comedy Show, Laughter Seminar by panel of doctors, Laughter Baby Show, Magic Show, International Dance Performances, Kids playing area, Painting competition, Laughter Yoga Show and Laughter Dance Show.
They can only be spread through laughter and smiles.
Laughter isn't prompted by telling jokes - instead, participants play games including pretending to drive police cars or to be witches.
The truth is that laughter isn't always positive or healthy.
That's why I took time out from the office to take part in a new session for the town piloted by laughter yogi, Nancy Nudds, who hopes to set up regular events here through her club, Sunshine and Laughter.
Using the research in the field of gelotology - the science of laughter - Pilcher and Harkness identified five different intensities of laughter and estimated the calories burned by each - from uncontrollable The Howler to The Snigger.
My experience of laughter is rather remote from the common experience of it Georges Bataille, Guilty, p.
Many humor texts tell us that laughter is a natural stress reliever because when we laugh, muscle tension melts away.
Certain aspects of the early Christian treatment of laughter seem to make these negative claims credible.
Another benefit is that laughter can help us to cope with pain.
Club name: Skelton Laughter Club Address: Skelton Civic Hall, Coniston Road, Skelton, Saltburn-By-The-Sea TS12 2EY Tell us about your club: Laughter Yoga is a combination of laughter exercises with deep yogic breathing (pranayama) which increases the amount of oxygen in your body whilst being playful.
A LEADING laughter ambassador from Bahrain has returned from an exchange programme to Vietnam, where he aimed to spread his message of joy and peace among the country's less fortunate.