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(laf) [ME. laughen, to laugh]
1. The sound produced by laughing. Synonym: risus
2. To express emotion, usually happiness or mirth, by a series of inarticulate sounds. Typically the mouth is open and a wide smile is present.

sardonic laugh

Risus sardonicus.
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"In an age of suicide jets and anthrax spam," writes Beato, "obscenity cases feel faintly anachronistic, the comfort crimes of the legal system." Indeed, given the incredible freedom of expression we enjoy today, it's tempting to laugh off this latest instance of Comstockery.
Retrain your brain and, in no time, the stress sandwich you've been chewing on will digest into some dorky dilemma you'll laugh off by lunchtime.
The current strategy comes from the observation that insects need two copies of a resistance gene to laugh off Bt.

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