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Well, they should try harder and have the guts to let us laugh at ourselves.
* a kick-off ceremony for using "Don't Laugh At Me" as the theme of the season
Another reason for Van Overbeke's book of anecdotes not complying with the (controlled) humor reflected in jest-books is that in everyday life the man on the street continued to laugh at the same banalities.
"To the laughter of the stars, which is especially indicated by their rays, they laugh at everything under the heavens upon the earth." Ficino evidenced the human custom of congratulation: to wish joy by laughter.(63)
Common sense and a growing body of medical literature tell us that the ability to laugh at life is one of the most effective ways to maintain a positive attitude and, in turn, stay healthy.
But why do we laugh at times and at other times remain sombre?
We can know the glory of the risen Lord, and, with him, we can laugh at defeat.
Busters and boomers don't laugh at the same things.
Washington, May 7 ( ANI ): Researchers have said that it's just one third of the time that people are able to fool others by pretending to laugh at their dumb jokes.
The funny walk, slapstick, the Cooper hat, Belly laughs, grins, the court jester, Ribald humour, Bobby Thompson, little waster, Little Billy Fane the hilarious wee titch, Spike Milligan, Benny Hill's chasing glitch, Wise and pithy Stephen Fry, Churchill's prose, Limericks, shaggy dogs, political verbose, We even find time to laugh at ourselves, Needing release from life's troubled ills, So good for the soul, raising spirits, letting go, If you didn't smile you'd probably blow, The best comedy is usually about nowt at all, Incomprehensible nonsense, a stumble or fall, They say ifs the best medicine in the world, You know you want to, go on have a ball, Best of all in our peculiar human race, If you hear a laugh a smile appears on your face.
I ACTUALLY found myself laughing at a crying baby the other day, which is a strange thing to laugh at.
Dr Wiseman is keen to discover whether men and women laugh at different things, if there is a north/south divide when it comes to comedy, and whether age makes a difference.