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A historic term used to describe a quality of pus (thick and creamy) suggesting that a wound ultimately would heal through the granulation process and not be associated with sepsis and death.
[L. laudabilis, praiseworthy]
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Medical history
An obsolete adjectival usage for any process regarded as beneficial—in particular, pus seen in acute inflammation—which was regarded as having a positive prognostic potential in an infection.

Vox populi
adjective Praiseworthy.
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(lawd′ă-bĭl) [L. laudabilis, praiseworthy]
Commendable; healthy; normal; formerly said erroneously of pus.
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Historic term to describe a quality of pus (thick and creamy) suggesting a wound that ultimately would heal and not be associated with sepsis and death.
[L. laudabilis, praiseworthy]
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As before, "Tango Argentino" is a laudably straightforward show.
Of the Midland contenders, perhaps the most intriguing factor will be to see if last year's Challenge Tour qualifier, Worcestershire's John Bickerton, already in receipt of four pay cheques in four events this season, and in 15th on the 1999 money list, can keep up his laudably consistent form.
And despite the laudably egalitarian sympathies of the author, the Midwesterners are all stereotypically working class and apparently oblivious of the booming economy.
Admirably, he won a record six French Open Championships and, most laudably, came straight from the red clay of Roland Garros to the lush green lawns of London SW19 to win two of his five Wimbledon titles.
He said laudably, Pakistan had been trying to eliminate the viral disease despite resource constraints and added that investment in education and health sectors could lead the country to a real change and achievement of Naya Pakistan
7941) that laudably wanted 'Filipino citizens belonging to the marginalized and underrepresented sectors, organizations and parties, and who lack well-defined constituencies...' to become lawmakers.
Credibility, image, merit go up in smoke hellipAnd the only buoyed up winner' in the PTI's abrupt about-face in first laudably appointing and then abruptly removing an internationally renowned economist who just happened to belong to a minority sect from the government's consultative Economic Advisory Council will be the extremist mindset and its sympathisers in mainstream political parties and elsewhere in society.
Certainly, Mr Malani and Ms Kohli should be evaluated on their individual records as parliamentarians and legislators, but the PPP is laudably attempting to create fresh space in an otherwise stifling political environment for progressive, non-Muslim voices.
They laudably performed their official duties during the Group F opener between the Mexico men's national football team, nicknamed El Tri (The Tri), and World Cup title holder Germany on June 17.
Amlap Publishing aims laudably to encourage you to embrace your cultural heritage and here we have four Great African Folk Tales to whet your appetite alongside Ijapa's Fun with the Alphabet and Ijapa's Fun with Numbers.