latex sensitivity

la·tex sen·si·tiv·i·ty

(lā'teks sen'si-tiv'i-tē)
Hypersensitivity to a specific protein found in processed natural rubber products causing contact dermatitis or anaphylaxis.
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TPEs are rapidly replacing rubber and PVC in medical devices as they are non-allergenic, thereby, eliminating concerns for individuals with latex sensitivity. These factors are fuelling adoption of TPEs in dental, surgical, and medical applications.
Natural rubber latex sensitivity is the second most common cause of perioperative anaphylaxis.
In studies on hospital personnel, latex sensitivity was found to be 3-5 times higher among nurses and doctors than among personnel not involved in patient care [6-21].
4H gloves should be used by the dental prac- titioner if acrylate or latex sensitivity is suspected.
Intraoperative anaphylaxis: An association with latex sensitivity. J Allergy Clin Immunol 1991; 87: 662-6.
Nitrile does not contain any natural rubber latex and, therefore, can be worn by anyone with a latex sensitivity.
The tape is lead free, does not require special hazardous waste disposal, and is also latex free so it is safe to use with patients or staff with latex sensitivity or allergies, says Hu-Friedy.
Dermatologists explain that there are three types of latex sensitivity:
Latex sensitivity: an industrial hygiene perspective.
Lanpher requested that the patient bring back a sample of the gloves worn by her at work in order to rule out latex sensitivity. Nurse Whitson completed an Employee Accident Report.