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The process whereby certain embryologic asymmetries of structure (such as the right-side location of the liver and the structure of the great vessels) and function (handedness) are ordained phylogenetically, coded genetically, and realized ontogenetically.
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Localization of a function, such as speech, to the right or left side of the brain.

lat′er·al·ize′ v.
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The process whereby certain embryologic asymmetries of structure and function are ordained phylogenetically, coded genetically, and realized ontogenetically.
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Patient discussion about lateralization

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A. my mother in law took it, she said it was very helpful but it could be a placebo effect... here is some info about black cohosh from a very relay able site

Q. What are some things I can do NOW to prevent arthritis later in life? Me and my dad are just alike and neither one of us has ever had any medical problems. My dad does have really bad arthritis though now that he's in his 50's. Almost to the point where it's crippling. I just turned 25. What are some things I could start doing to prevent getting this condition as well?

A. Exercise (but don't abuse) your joints. A sedentary lifestyle makes for weak muscles and increases the odds of developing arthritis (and other health problems). Regular exercise is essential. It creates stronger and more flexible joints. Exercise doesn't have to be strenuous. Just regular (yoga can really help). Feed your joints right. Overweight and obese individuals are at greater risk for osteoarthritis, particularly in the weight-bearing joints. Losing weight cuts the risk. Improving the diet is always a tough challenge in our time-strapped society. However, the more you can maximize your intake of whole foods and minimize the refined, packaged foods, the better off you and your joints will be.

Q. is asthma consider to be genetic? if so , can you spot it during the pregnancy later tests?

A. Asthma has a very strong genetic component to its developement, however it is inherited in a multifactorial way and there is not a specific gene that is responsible for the disease. Therefore, it is impossible to detect asthma during pregnancy. The diagnosis is made only later in life some even say after the age of 4.

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In 1999, Bolger et al published a short communication entitled, "A Targeted Problem and Its Solution," in which they described their technique for creating a controlled synechia between the middle turbinate and the nasal septum to prevent lateralization of the middle turbinate.3 Since then, many modifications have been described to address the issue of middle turbinate lateralization and synechia formation with the lateral wall.
RAD51 deficiency disrupts the corticospinal lateralization of motor control.
One study stated that cerebral lateralization influences facial structure, with the right craniofacial region being larger than the left in right-handed people, and the left craniofacial region being larger than the right in left-handed people (39).
Strap muscles and inferior constrictor muscle are divided to expose the oblique line and the lower half and posterior edge of the thyroid lamina on the lateralization side.
The Cobb (CA) and kyphotic angles (KA) were determined to find out the effect of the orthosis on trunk posture, while the Migration Index (MI) was calculated to examine the effect of orthosis on hip lateralization. To assess inter-rater reliability, radiographic measurements were carried out by two different investigators.
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Both MCI converters and nonconverters featured leftward lateralization in the transverse temporal gyrus, as well as rightward lateralization in the lateral orbitofrontal gyrus and inferior parietal lobule (Figure 1).
The association between pain lateralization and clinical outcomes has not previously been studied in headache.
The repetitive shearing force placed on the talus due to the lateralization of the load axis in the fixed hindfoot valgus is considered the pathology of this condition.
(b) OL fixation: lateralization. (c) OL fixation: medialization.
Recently, a case series with patients with aphasia showed increases in right lateralization in four out of five subacute patients (i.e., within three months poststroke) following MIT but no right lateralization in chronic patients (i.e., greater than 1 year postonset; [43]).
The women over men advantage in verbal abilities may reflect stronger lateralization of the language towards the left cerebral hemisphere (16).