spigelian hernia

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spi·ge·li·an her·ni·a

abdominal hernia through the semilunar line.
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Spigelian hernia

A defect that occurs at or below the linea semicircularis but above the point at which the inferior epigastric vessels cross the lateral border of the rectus abdominis muscle. This type of hernia may contain preperitoneal fat or may be a peritoneal sac containing intraperitoneal contents. It is rare and difficult to diagnose unless large, because it is typically not palpable when small. Large Spigelian hernias may be mistaken for sarcomas of the abdominal wall. Ultrasonography or computed tomography scans are often used in diagnosis.


Small Spigelian hernias are easily repaired; larger ones may require a prosthesis.

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Adrian (van der Spieghel), Flemish anatomist in Padua, 1578-1625.
spigelian hernia - abdominal hernia through the semilunar line. Synonym(s): lateral ventral hernia
Spigelius line - the slight groove in the external abdominal wall parallel to the lateral edge of the rectus sheath. Synonym(s): linea semilunaris
Spigelius lobe - a small lobe of the liver situated posteriorly between the sulcus for the vena cava and the fissure for the ligamentum venosum. Synonym(s): lobus caudatus
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