lateral surface

lat·er·al sur·face

the surface of a part of the body that faces away from the midline; TA recognizes a lateral surface on the following structures: fibula, ovary, radius, testis, tibia, zygomatic bone.
Synonym(s): facies lateralis [TA]
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Fibularis brevis muscle originates from the distal two-thirds of the lateral surface of the shaft of the fibula, anterior and distal to the origin of fibularis longus muscle, which arises from the head and proximal lateral two-thirds of the fibula.
The surface between medial and lateral borders is anterior surface, between medial and posterior borders is medial surface and between lateral and posterior borders is lateral surface. The posterior border in the middle third of the shaft is represented by a prominent crest, the linea aspera.
A 50-year-old woman was admitted because of an acute bullous lesion on the erythematous lateral surface of her right leg.
The left thigh was interpreted to be struck on the lateral surface and the force was directed from left to right (lateral to medial).
Primacy 4 gets a more squared lateral surface so that it gets a wider contact patch with the road compared to other brands.
The entire epithelial tract and a small cuff of epithelium from the medial and lateral surface of the earlobe is excised, leaving fresh edges of epithelium and dermis for primary closure with dermal 4-0 Vicryl and epidermal 5-0 nylon sutures.
The posterior ligament passes from the posterior surface of the concha to the lateral surface of the mastoid process.
Using the third tracheal ring as a landmark located 0.3 cm from the lateral surface of the tracheal ring, the surgeon employed a careful blunt dissection to expose the RLN through the layers of the fibers [Figure 1].{Figure 1}
Compared to the upper surface of the reactor core, the coolant near the lateral surface velocity is higher, i.e., about 0.05 m/s, due to the stronger heat transfer effect.
However, the conventional AFM can only provide 2.5D topography information, because the cone-shaped probe is not able to contact the lateral surface of wall-like structure.

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