lateral segment

lat·er·al seg·'ment

a delimited part or section of an organ or other structure that lies farthest to the left or right compared with the other similar parts or sections. See: lateral bronchopulmonary segment S IV, lateral basal (bronchopulmonary) segment [S IX] [S IX], (left anterior) lateral hepatic segment [III] [III], (left posterior) lateral hepatic segment III, right anterior lateral hepatic segment [VI], (right) posterior lateral hepatic segment [VII] [VII].
Synonym(s): segmentum laterale [TA]
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Gall bladder was located posterior to the medial and lateral segment of the right lobe.
The camera operator draws a second lateral segment in the map at the wye location, forming a second pipe asset ID.
In conjunction, Parkway Pipeline will construct, own, and operate a new lateral segment to connect the pipeline to the Colonial pipeline system near Collins, Mississippi.
The lateral segment had ruptured ectopic pregnancy.
A back cut in the nasolabial crease is required to rotate the lateral segment downward and Veau-3 type of repair (5) for bilateral cleft lip can be followed.
Accordingly, abdominal ultrasonography was performed, which disclosed multiple hypoechoic lesions over the inferior portion of the lateral segment (S3), medial segment of the left hepatic lobe (S4) and inferior portion of the anterior segment of the right hepatic lobe (S5), which were seen as multi-lobulated cystic lesions on abdominal computed tomography, with the largest being about 5 cm x 2 cm in size over segment 4 [Figure 1].
In general, children are well served by receiving a left lateral segment graft.
Systolic myocardial velocity (Sm), early (Em) and late diastolic velocities (Am) were measured in the basal lateral segment and basal interventricular septum from the apical four chambers views using TDI.
The left lateral segment of George's liver was removed in the five hour operation by Professor Nigel Heaton, the top surgeon who gave football legend George Best a liver transplant in 2002, while Leo's surgery was carried out by Hector Vilca-Melendez.
The well was drilled to a depth of 1,620 metres and includes a lateral segment to encounter fractures.
For example, an obstruction in either the medial or lateral segment of the right middle lobe tends to result in the reabsorption of gas in a portion of the right middle lobe.