lateral pressure

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lat·er·al pres·sure

(lat'ĕr-ăl presh'ŭr)
Applying equal (and minimal) pressure with the index finger and thumb inward against the instrument handle to press the working-end against a calculus deposit or tooth surface (or area of soft tissue) before and during an instrumentation stroke.
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Parameter Culvert Filling Slope Elasticity modulus E (MPa) 30000 30 3000 Poisson's ratio [mu] 0.2 0.32 0.3 Cohesion c (kPa) -- 0 150 Internal friction angle -- 32 35 [phi] ([degrees]) Density [rho] (kg/[m.sup.3]) 2500 1800 2000 Parameter Subgrade I Subgrade II Elasticity modulus E (MPa) 13 40 Poisson's ratio [mu] 0.36 0.3 Cohesion c (kPa) 3 0 Internal friction angle 28 32 [phi] ([degrees]) Density [rho] (kg/[m.sup.3]) 1800 2000 Table 2: Lateral pressure coefficient on lateral wall.
As seen in this figure, there is a general trend towards decreasing lateral pressures on nonyielding retaining walls with decreasing EPS density at equal thickness of geofoam panels.
The main objective is to identify the lateral pressure coefficients.
Next, three schemes when the lateral pressure coefficient is equal to 1.5 have been numerically simulated.
Hence, it is obvious according to equation (2-4) that in presence of lateral pressure, axial compressive strength of the element is increased.
where [R.sub.bu] is concrete's resistibility under unixial compression; k is a lateral pressure coefficient, which depends on edging draft level m = [[sigma].sub.bxu]/[[sigma].sub.bzu] and calculated by formula
--For medium rotation, say [(d/2).sub.max] = 1 mm (medium rotation), with moving back the wall, no significant increase in induced lateral pressure is observed.
Firstly only the affection of the lateral pressure [[sigma].sub.c] on the GFRP pipe is considered.
This figure shows that increasing water depth will decrease lateral pressure in both active and passive conditions.
Although a tilted patella is usually associated with increased lateral pressures, diminished medial patellofemoral contact, and a tight retinaculum, none of these may occur in the presence of certain patellofemoral morphologies.
Located along the shaft of the drill, the actuators apply lateral pressure against the side of the borehole to alter the orientation of the drill head.
Both excellent fuel efficiency and quietness are achieved through the efficient transmission of driving force by optimizing the lateral pressure applied to the belt, along with the durability of the belt.

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