tubal extremity of ovary

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tu·bal ex·trem·i·ty of ovary

the rounded lateral end of the ovary, usually directed toward the infundibulum of the uterine tube.
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In the algometry examination, the masticatory and cervical muscles (masseter, temporal, sternocleidomastoid 'SCM' and trapezius, bilaterally) were examined in addition to the lateral pole of the mandible (joint point of TMJ), using AMERICAN SLEEP DISORDERS ASSOCIATION criteria.
reproductive spontaneous pain during crisis) were considered clinically significant at palpatory examination, with value equal to or less than: 1kg for anterior temporal and masseter, 500 grams for the lateral pole of the mandible and 2Kg for SCM and trapezium.
When using VAS and algometry in this study, it was observed that there was no statistical difference between the TMD groups in relation to pain sensitivity, except for the lateral pole. However, when considering the difference of clinically important pain of all the pain sites analyzed, only the trapezius muscle presented a below-expected difference (2 kg/F) in the TMD groups in relation to the control.
Historically, there have been limited lateral pole impact tests available.
The accuracy of using test vehicle and pole instrumentation to determine closing speed or BEV in oblique lateral pole impacts was assessed by calculating the absorbed energy due to vehicle deformation at maximum crush.
The NHTSA crash test database was searched for lateral pole impact tests that incorporated an instrumented pole.
As the lateral pole impact tests are conducted at an oblique 15[degrees] angle from perpendicular to the vehicle, the effect of misalignment between the accelerometers mounted in the vehicle coordinate system and the orientation of the pole load cells was resolved in two ways.
Overall, this method resulted in approximately a 2% nominal underestimation of closing speed in large four-door sedans and approximately a 9 to 10% nominal underestimation in large four-door pickup trucks for 20 mph oblique lateral pole impacts.
Normal sized uterus was attached to the lower right lateral pole of the mass with a normal looking right and left ovary.
- Transverse dimension of the mandibular head: Distance between lateral pole and medial pole of the mandibular head.
- Bicondilar width: Distance between the lateral poles of the right and left mandibular head.
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