posterior hypothalamic area

(redirected from lateral nucleus of mammillary body)

pos·te·ri·or hy·po·tha·lam·ic ar·e·a

the portion of the hypothalamus located generally internal to the region of the mammillary bodies; contains the following nuclei: dorsal premammillary nucleus [TA] (nucleus premammillaris dorsalis [TA]), lateral nucleus of mammillary body [TA] (nucleus mammillaris medialis [TA]), supramammillary nucleus [TA] (nucleus supramammillaris [TA]_, and the ventral premammillary nucleus [TA] (nucleus premammillaris ventralis [TA]). The posterior nucleus of hypothalamus [TA] is located at the interface of intermediate and posterior hypothalamic areas and is sometimes considered a part of the latter.
See also: hypothalamus, posterior hypothalamic region.
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