lateral movement

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lat·er·al move·ment

in dentistry, movement of the mandible to the side.
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lat·er·al move·ment

(latĕr-ăl mūvmĕnt)
In dentistry, motion of mandible to the side.
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An SMB account scan occurs when a host rapidly makes use of multiple accounts via the SMB protocol, which can be used for file sharing, remote procedure calls (RPC) and other lateral movement. Vector notes that internal reconnaissance is often used to map a manufacturing network in search of critical assets to steal or damage.
This includes authentication, but also role and user authorisation, quota management, activity logs and proper segmentation of resources to minimise the potential for lateral movement or container breakouts in any attack.
Lateral movement is a decent option to employ against a charging adversary but "getting off the X," as it's called in tactical circles, refers to diagonal movement.
There are specific event IDs for lateral movement including Explicit Credential logon (Event ID 4648 or 552) that can be detected with SIEM rules.
Christina Richmond, programme director, security services at market intelligence firm IDC, said: "Accessing enterprise applications can be cumbersome and risky where mobile first, third-party stakeholders, and lateral movement attacks are the norm.
The highest frequency attacker activity found in this study was reconnaissance, followed by lateral movement and then command-and-control communication.
The M88 safety button is mounted inside the trigger assembly and operated via lateral movement. The trigger assembly of both guns is very similar except for the M500 safety linkage leading downward from the tang.
Once a computer is infected, the malware reports to the command and control servers before beginning a complex phase of lateral movement. This phase will often leverage a specialised tool that automatically and aggressively collects a wide array of information including credentials, group management policies, and even system logs to better hone further attacks and assure execution of the malware.
Although multivalue CA model has been demonstrated to suit depicting bicycles' non-lane-based behavior without considering lateral movement rules [6], one crucial defect is the fact that time-space behaviors are hard to be distinguished.
Those taking part are able to practice a skill known as "bodyflight", which includes rolls, turns, lateral movement, fall rate control and other acrobatics.
Scores: Yorkshire 162 & 10-0, Durham 156 A GREEN-tinged pitch offering some bounce, and lateral movement saw Championship leaders Yorkshire, bowled out for 162 after winning the toss at Scarborough yesterday, but third-placed Durham struggled just as much against the title-holders and, in turn, were sent packing for 156.
With Pacquiao's strength and speed back, Fortune said they will now concentrate on enhancing agility and lateral movement.

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